The Work At Home Directory was established and launched online in 1998. We were one of the first internet guides helping people find legitimate online home jobs and internet home business opportunities.

We developed our reputation over the years by listing only the best internet income sources. Our aim is to help anyone who is interested in working from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

We have thoroughly researched the best and most legitimate internet income sources and home based business opportunities. We’ve been told by thousands our website has the very best most legitimate work at home opportunities, currently available on the web!

Dozens of newspapers, journals, forums, blogs and other media outlets has listed this website as the “go to” place to locate online income sources. It goes without saying working from home is a great way to make extra money. This strategy for earning income, can also save time and money by eliminating the commute to and from work…. along with costs for gasoline and maintence, child care, new clothing and much more.

The tax advantages and savings are worth making the change for many people. It is important to look into federal, state, and local tax laws as you begin to earn money. You can get information about home office and business taxes at the FTC website in our resource section.

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Many of the programs on the Work At Home Directory.com are free to join and others require a minimal investment. However, if you are truly serious about a making money at home, it is no different than any other endeavor in that you will need to work hard and make a commitment to succeed.

Please keep in mind that all sponsored companies listed here [that require an investment] are Satisfaction Guaranteed. This means all of our recommended companies will return your money if you decide later it isn’t right for you. Most give you 30-90 days to evaluate the program. That is a prerequisite for getting listed here. If you do invest in a company, make certain you have read and have a basic understanding of the “Terms and Condiditions” of the program. Work at home employment resources and links to internet job information are included here too.

If you’re searching for a Data Entry, Consultant, Investigative, Marketing, Home Processor, Order Filler or Clerical type of home employment with flexable hours… the following company can help you find something quickly. These listings that require no fee can often can be your best and quickest option.

This income finding strategy is similar to your local temporary jobs services but most of those charge a processing fee or your pay is less because the agency gets their fee. The local temp agencies are just that… Short term jobs for outside your home. They usually have no flexable work schedule.

We selected the following mainly because they came highly recommended from professionals we trust who are doing well with them… These can be part time or full time work at home. You can chose your own days and hours to work. Take a look at a few of them… you might find a perfect match. We will update them on an ongoing basis

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Regarding all of the WAHD listings… We ask you to please remember that in order to be successful, you will be required to work on a regular and consistant basis. The consistancy and quality of your work will be directly related to the amount of your earnings.

Please be advised that if any business makes extraordinary claims of high income over a short period of time… it could be a work at home scam.

We’ve taken a lot of time and effort to screen these and keep them off The Work At Home Directory. Once again… we’ve been online since 1998 and have one of the most comprehensive and legitimate work from home resource guides on the internet. However, some of our ‘sponsor listings’ include new offers and updates which we occasionally overlook in our ongoing reviews. So it’s possible for a company to slip past our weekly review. Therefore, we ask our visitors to contact us with any misrepresentations or suspected scams.

Below you will find links to the The Small Business Administration [SBA], Federal Trade Commission [FTC], and Better Internet Bureau among others… to help guide you with all issues relating to online income and/or an internet business. Some offer free advice, support and counseling on getting your online home business started or growing your current business.

Better Internet Bureau – Provides information through out the internet. This is a reliable resource to check out a company and find reliability reports on businesses as well as news and alerts.

Counselors to America’s Small Business(SCORE) – The best source of free and confidential small business advice to help build you business, from idea to start-up success.

Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) – Find out how SOHO can help you manage the challenges of working in a small office/home office environment. You will find knowledge, resources, and inspiration you need to succeed.

The Small Business Training Network (SBA) – Is a virtual campus housing free training courses, workshops and knowledge resources designed to assist entrepreneurs.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) – The nation’s leading resource for the self-employment, providing a broad range of benefits and support to help the smallest businesses succeed.

Please keep in mind that ALL of the companies listed here will provide you with 100% Risk FREE Information.

We recommend requesting info. from as many as possible in order to find the company that’s right for you. This way you can compare each with the other and determine which is best for your individual needs and goals.

Another option we make available is getting paid for evaluating goods and services and then reporting your opinions. this is about as simple as it gets. These are the best we’ve located after sifting through dozens. These are all free paying Survey Sites- No cost whatsoever to join and earn money. These three include paying you a fee for your opinions on products and services. A partial list of what they need people for is evaluating restaurant food/service, fast food meals, new pkg foods, travel, video games, mystery shopping… etc. Some pay extra residuals for referring friends and you earn secondary commission on their activity.

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Once again we have thoroughly researched, investigated and even written reviews on ALL companies listed here at The Work At Home Directory. You will not find any scams or “ponzi schemes” here. Please come back weekly to review our updated listings. We wish you the best of luck in your search and hope you find this site to be helpful and prosperous.